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About Neat Pieces Antiques

Neat Pieces Antiques Carlton Georgia

How was Neat Pieces Antiques born from Heritage Heart Pine?

Mr. Poss has always been interested in antiques; when his collection got too big he decided that some of the items should be in a museum while others should be made available for others to purchase and enjoy.

From where does Neat Pieces Antiques acquire the items found in the store?

They travel everywhere! From auctions to estate sales, thrift stores to the side of the road. Many people ask Mr. Poss to come and look at their items as well.

What types of items will I find at Neat Pieces Antiques?

There are so many items to choose from in many genres- from vinyl records to books, vintage clothing and accessories to antique furniture, hand-welded tools to collectibles and so much more!

Would I be able to sell you some of my goods?

Approximately 25% of the items in the store come from people stopping by with items to sell. “If it is old and marketable, I’m interested”, says Mr. Poss, owner and operator of the business. Mr. Poss buys items outright but is also interested in the old fashioned method of trade and barter for items created before 1970.

What are some of the most interesting pieces you have had in the store?

While this may be a tough question, based on how many amazing items in so many genre’s are in Neat Pieces Antiques, the owner confesses that some of his favorite finds include an ice cream parlor back bar with stained glass, several 1960’s jukeboxes and an entire 1830’s wall (18’ in length)

About the owner

Mr. Poss has been salvaging and dismantling old structures for 30+ years, builds furniture out of the early heart pine and is one heck of a great guy! He personally enjoys older, primitive furniture, large architectural pieces and blacksmith-made hardware.

Neat Pieces Antiques

Feel free to view the photo albums and video tours to see some of the items within the store. Due to the sheer size of this location, not every item can be documented and not all items photographed may still be available due to the constant addition and purchases taking place. If you have a question regarding a particular item pictured, please do not hesitate to contact us at (706)-797-3317 or by filling out a Contact Form.

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